Hopefully they will be easier to install

  • Mojang, the flat abaft the awful  FIFA 17 Coins acknowledged Minecraft, is planning to absolution official mod accoutrement so that players can boggle with the bold and actualize their own assiduous servers, the flat told PC Gamer.While mods for Minecraft do exist, such as the mod that adds Pokémon and addition that adds Portal guns, the abridgement of bendability amid them has fabricated it difficult for some to install and play while others accept been unstable. Minecraft's aboriginal architect Markus "Notch" Persson tells PC Gamer that by architecture an official mod API, Mojang will be able to endorse well-tested mods and action them through a axial repository."


    Hopefully they will be easier to install and beneath decumbent to abort your game," he says.Nathan Adams from Mojangs says that this will be no baby assignment as it requires the flat to change Minecraft's basal infrastructure. He says in adjustment to physique an official mod API the flat has to carbon the applicant ancillary of the bold from blemish – this agency it adeptness be a few months afore an aboriginal adjustment of the API can be seen.The abounding account with Mojang can be apprehend here.