Get a WOW Spring festival

  • Spring has sprung, and all of that—I can tell by the way my allergies are acting up. For a while there, I thought I might actually be allergic to sylvari, but it turns out it’s just their boundless enthusiasm and good-natured naiveté making me ill.

    Happy Cloud Glider

    Never let it be said that I can’t get into the spirit of wow gold. Stand tall on our newest glider, and let everybody know that sometimes life really is all fluffy clouds and rainbows.

    Super Adventure Fun!

    If you’ve got our Miniature Super Trio—the Mini Super Bee Dog, Mini Super Monkey, and Mini Super Spider—toss them in the Mystic Forge with a Continue Coin to get your very own Mini Storm Wizard. And don’t forget to grab a cheap wow gold, complete with an Infinite Continue Coin, Super Bee Dog Mail Carrier, and Super Adventure Box.

    I’ve shaken up the Black Lion Chests again, so take a peek inside and see what’s new! You might even find an Elemental Sword—a curiously contradictory weapon based on The guaranteed item is a Dab of Destabilized Ectoplasm, which is less dangerous than it sounds.