5 floors of Mushin’s

  • The top 5 floors of Mushin’s Tower have opened their doors, offering brutal new challenges for solo players attempting to buy cheap WOW gold the upper reaches of the ancient monolith. This content isn’t for the uninitiated, and each floor has increasingly difficult boss encounters that represent a new pinnacle for challenging solo-player content. Your rewards for completing these challenges will be many, but you’ll want to especially look out for the Mystic Monk outfit and Lion’s Mane Hair, We greatly appreciate the opportunity to see everyone’s creative ideas and artistic talent—as always the artistic talent in the Blade & Soul community continues to completely blow us away.

    Materials Revamp Nestled deep in the Celestial Basin, Naryu Sanctum was cheap WOW gold for ancient pilgrims in search of spiritual enlightenment. That all changed when the Sanctum lost favor with a jealous demigod from the Divine Realm, a being known as Xanos the Everlasting. Xanos sent his champion–Agoni, a fearsome automaton– to attack the Sanctum. The ensuing battle caused an earthquake of such intensity that the area was buried for centuries. But the earth has shifted once more, and Naryu Sanctum is again accessible by foolhardy treasure-seekers and warriors alike. However, legends say Xanos still haunts the innermost chambers of the sanctum—the vengeful ruler of his own forgotten empire and you can come to http://www.mmoxe.com/.

    While we’re just showing the winners here, you’ll definitely want to check out all of the entries in the Loading Screen Art Contest Entries gallery on our Facebook Congrats Rozelque! This entry really celebrates the fun and adventure you can have with your friends in Blade & Soul, and showcases some incredible artistic talent, while also capturing a lot of costumes and content from the game world.