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  • I’ve shaken up the Black Lion Chests again, so take a peek cheap RS gold what’s new! You might even find an Elemental Sword—a curiously contradictory weapon based on ancient designs. The guaranteed item is a Dab of Destabilized Ectoplasm, which is less dangerous than it sounds.

    The designers make a lot of events expecting players to buy RS gold to them cautiously, but Andrew said they’ve found that players simply roll through, smashing everything. With that in mind, they developed the centaur camp as an area for players to smash to their hearts’ content. Centaurs have been hearing far too many players say that they can outrun them, Kirk said—now they have their revenge. The further players progress in the camp, the more likely they are to be stampeded by the ruthless herd.This year’s Super Adventure Festival begins on March 30, and ends on April 20. Don’t forget to check out the official Guild Wars 2 merchandise store for Super Adventure Festival t-shirts and mousepads from WeLoveFine and you can come to!