You are not supported by your parents to study ? Don’t give up!


    Do you know how many geniuses were rejected while trying to do something? Do you know how many racers crashed, got up and managed to win next time? Sometimes we are the only ones that take a damage of giving up. Moral support is important as much as financial is, it’s maybe even more important.


    But on the other hand, there is something beautiful in being disregarded by others. And it’s that inner tendency to prove them that they are wrong. I have to do it, because I want to, but even more, because they think I can’t. If for some reason, you aren’t getting support, don’t quit! If you feel like you need someone’s support to continue studying, then think again, this time straight, will lead you to making a decision of hiring specialized people in the same way that I do my assignment these days. Don’t get discouraged. Image a skinny man. It’s his second day since he goes to GYM, he meets his friend and his friend asks him: “where do you go?” Man answers: “To GYM”, and he get teased for his answer. His friend is smiling in his face. You wouldn’t believe how much of enthusiasm can be awaken in a single man in that moment.


    Prove them you can make it! Human race is all about expanding limits, and if you seem like you are not an applicable person for doing something; they think you are not suitable for doing being what you’ve set out to be, prove them that they are wrong.