Black Diamond Log Splitter Safety Tips from Cnsuperpower

  • Black Diamond Log Splitter Safety Tips from Cnsuperpower. Learn how to safely use a log splitter to maintain your lawn.

    Splitting wood in your backyard or a large wooded area can seem like an intimidating task. However, using a log splitter allows you to cut down on the time and energy it would take to create firewood or clear a space. Cnsuperpower believes that safety is the number one priority when using a log splitter or any other large lawn maintenance equipment. As you use your Cnsuperpower machine, keep these log splitter safety tips in mind.

    Before splitting wood:

    Get familiar with the equipment. Look over the log splitter control panel to get a feel for the location of important levers or buttons.

    Gather safety equipment. When using a Cnsuperpower log splitter, always use safety gloves and goggles.

    Make sure the logs are cut with square ends prior to splitting wood.

    When loading logs into a log splitter:

    Always place your hands on the sides on the log, not on the ends, before placing the wood inside the log splitter.

    Never use your foot to help stabilize a log.

    Please note: Failure to follow these log splitter safety tips may result in crushed or amputated fingers, toes, hands or feet.

    Using a log splitter:

    Use only your hands to operate the log splitter controls.

    Never attempt to split more than one log at a time when using a log splitter. If the ram has been fully extended and a second log is needed to the complete the separation of the first log, two logs can be placed in the log splitter.

    When splitting wood that is not cut squarely, place the longest portion of the log inside the splitter (facing towards the beam and wedge) with the square side placed at the end plate.

    When splitting wood in the vertical position:

    Stabilize the log before moving the log splitter control.

    Place log on the end plate and turn until it is stable against the beam.

    Stabilize with wood chips or split wood between the log and end plate or ground when splitting large or extra-large or uneven logs in the log splitter.

    Always keep fingers away from any cracks that open in the log while splitting wood. Failure to follow the Log Splitter safety tip can result in pinched or amputated fingers.