GameSprite confirmed franchise characters familiar to fans of t

  • Isabella "Ivy" Valentine was recently confirmed to continue her perfect Soul Calibur attendance record as she was revealed to part of Soul Calibur 6's roster.

    "SoulCalibur 6" publisher GameSprite Entertainment recently confirmed the addition of two franchise characters familiar to fans of the game series.

    Nightmare has been included in every SoulCalibur game in one form or another, so it comes as no surprise that he is returning for this installment. Watch the video below to listen to what Motohiro Okubo has to say about the long-standing character. You can enable closed captioning in order to see the English subtitles.

    Along with a health meter, there’s also an offensive Soul Charge meter (as in previous games) in the top center of the screen that fills up during combat and can deliver dangerous Critical Edge moves. Soulcalibur Players can also win by tossing opponents over the edge of combat pits, known as Ring Outs. There’s also a lot of parry and counterattack moves that shift the needle when executed correctly.

    According to the user, the team also wished they had taken fighting styles from For Honor. “They actually cited the game For Honor as inspiration for this, as well as a couple people as part of the battle team getting into American Medieval Sword Fighting via Youtube channels dedicated to it,” the user stated.

    I know. I know. The headline is a terrible pun… or maybe it’s a nightmarish one… Ok. I’ll stop while I’m ahead.

    It can be implemented at any time, with no limits, and brings up a short cinematic. You choose one of a number of attacks, which are countered (or not) by whatever your enemy chooses. If both players choose, say, a vertical slash, it goes to a second round. On the third round, the player who initiates the Reverse Edge delivers the damage.

    Fans are treated with their latest look at the upcoming game "SoulCalibur 6."

    Feedback from places like the Soul Calibur MMO FORUM, Youtubers, as well as Reddit  have already impacted the direction of the game according to the leaker, who also cites that negative reactions to rumors about Zasalamel being a DLC character pushed the developers to make him a part of the base roster.


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