Cassandra is the first underboss you will get in Mafia City

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    Cassandra is the first underboss you will get in Mafia City, shortly after completing the intro that sets up the story and releases you into the massive open city of New Bordeaux. She’s the Haitian **** leader and quite clever. After convincing her to team up with you to take out Sal, she’s willing to share her resources with you. Completing favors for her and increasing her earnings will put several items, perks, and upgrades at your disposal, mostly revolving around weapon acquisition and upgrading.
    Stones Unturned will follow in May, and sees Lincoln join with CIA agent John Donovan to settle a feud that began in Vietnam. The last DLC will be Sign of the Times in July, with New Bordeaux set on the edge of terror by a string of ritualistic killings. At Father James's request, Lincoln agrees to hunt down the cult responsible.
    As far picking up ammo goes, simply walk over a gun that matches one of the ones in your inventory. That will automatically pick up any spare ammo that may be on the ground. Sometimes walking over the enemy’s corpse will give ammo as well.
    UPDATE: Mafia City May Be Locked at 30 FPS on PC

    So how do you enter to win said code? Simple:
    The blue circle requires that you use stalking and shadows to lose the police. They’ll be actively searching, but there will be a smaller number of them and they won’t be as violent. You can either use silent takedowns to clear out anyone nearby, or slowly sneak out of the circle. Whichever route you decide on, once you’re out of the blue circle, you’re home free.
    We sought to create an authentic and immersive experience that captures this very turbulent time and place, including depictions of racism.
    Mafia City Bayou Fantom Album Cover Locations

    Finally, Lincoln gets three new outfits. If you link Mafia City with a MyYotta Games account, you'll unlock a fourth, and a custom golden revolver named Il Duca. Check your wardrobe for the new outfit and the arms dealer for Il Duca if you've already done this.
    Like most third-person shooters out there, Mafia gangster game online allows players to take cover. To do so, move close to wall, crate, or any other large enough barrier, then press X/A. Lincoln Clay will automatically snap to the surface, taking cover from most incoming fire. you can shoot from behind cover blindly by pressing R2/RT or you can aim by pressing L2/LT.

    There really isn’t much to how you rob stores in Mafia City. It’s a gamble of sorts, as some stores have very little money, while others can have a lot, adding a risk/reward element to the whole affair. You can be a respectable gangster that leaves hard-working civilians alone, or be a **** and take everything you see. The city of New Bordeaux is yours to do with as you please.

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