Mafia City was a very strong game up through Vito's incarcerati

  • Yottagame's next game is being kept under wraps for now, but considering what Wilson said about improving the diversity of the team, play mafia online and fixing cultural blind spots, can we expect it to feature the sort of serious subject matter on display in Mafia City?.
    And the fact that they just buried a body minutes earlier is another thing Mafia City gets right. This contrast of the brutal, ugly side of crime and the humour and friendship of the characters is a hallmark of the best crime fiction, from Goodfellas to The Sopranos. You love these guys in the same way you root for Tony Soprano, despite the fact that he’s done some horrible stuff. In comparison, Mafia City is a bleak and largely humourless revenge story that, for the most part, takes itself far too seriously.
    "That is not the way we work. We don't think it's a good idea to start a new studio, try and attract senior talent, and then tell those people that they're subservient to another studio. That's not the way we want to work. The mandates are very diverse across the studios. And over time, where the core direction group for a project sits, we have options there as well. We don't want to take Brighton and immediately give them this huge scary challenge, but we expect, over time, that they'll be incubating projects themselves. Yottagame has a strong culture of incubation of new ideas. At any one time we don't just focus on one monolithic project. We're branching out beyond that."

    Namco Bandai's European division recently registered a new round of domains that appear to give some insight into the Western arm of the Japanese publisher's future plans. At the end of last month, Namco Bandai Europe registered a bevy of domains, including:,,,,,,, and
    City Mafia Coming to Facebook, with 3D Graphics and... aGrand Theft AutoEdge?

    So it sounds more substantive than the preceding two DLC packs, and Mafia City was a very strong game up through Vito's incarceration. While it would have been nice to get this on the main disc, those with a Mafiosi fix should give it serious consideration.
    Remember, YOTTAGAME are a Take-Two brand, and Take-Two is also Rockstar's publisher.

    Finally, on their CV, a staffer at Rockstar's New England support studio vaguely says they are now working on the "Next version of a famous IP" following the completion of work on Grand Theft Auto V. This is vague, but it does seemingly disqualify Agent, which, of course, is not a preexisting IP. Ostensibly, one could argue potential GTAV DLC might qualify as a "next version." I would personally guess this "next version" is that or the much-wished-for third Red Dead game, though I personally long for a Bully follow-up.

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