Eco-efficient Construction of Fuji Escalator Company


    The annual demand for lifts throughout the country soared from 2000 onwards. However, as the lifts for those who need lifts are generally factories, most of the lifts were not surveyed at this time. In terms of selection, loading and civil engineering, In a passive position. It is important to choose an elevator (from Escalator Company - that is both affordable and suitable for use with our unit and to that end we recommend:

    Choose from the cost of civil engineering and elevator equipment costs and the cost of using the elevator in all aspects of consideration; civil engineering costs should consider whether the elevator can not use a room elevator; elevator costs can not consider the use of hydraulic elevators; elevator use cost should not choose freight elevator, while the use of variable frequency cargo elevator. Elevator also need to choose authentic brand elevator, in particular, should not choose cheap second-hand elevator (second-hand freight elevator equipment, low prices, but the power consumption, but not safe).

    As the name implies, the lorry used to carry goods elevator, its heavy load requirements of the various components of the lifts high-performance technology, not because of heavy load caused by the accident. Obviously, the manufacturing process requirements of the loading lifts are very high.

    End of the elevator load, then come to understand civil engineering it, the general choice of loading elevators are some factories, production lines, shopping malls, exhibition halls and other freight logistics sites. These places in the end is not suitable for elevators, in order to increase the reliability of the safety of elevators, first come to understand the civil requirements of the elevator it! In terms of the strength of foreign brands to send Hummer elevators, due to mature technology, to adapt to a wide range of civil engineering, which broadens the range of user choices.

    The elevator is a kind of equipment that has high safety requirements. For example, frequent elevator accidents can be explained recently, the safety of the freight elevator should not be underestimated. The worst way to identify the worst elevator layman, look at your elevator maintenance company whether a half months to have a maintenance, according to the regulations, every month should be a comprehensive maintenance of the elevator every quarter of the elevator to do a comprehensive renovation , Overhaul the elevator every two years.

    Eco-efficient construction

    Escalator Supplier FUJIHD installs thousands of elevators each year. Our aim is to ensure that our installation services are carried out in an eco-efficient way. Examples of our efforts in this area are: Efficient installation processes and methods that reduce the number of technicians required on site and the environmental impacts of traveling.Clearly defined site requirements that need to be fulfilled before installation starts, eliminating unnecessary site visits. Environmentally efficient waste handling on site, using separate containers for hazardous, metal, electrical, wood, and mixed waste.