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  • The Rockets lost Ariza and Bamot on the wing this summer, and there is an urgent need to LOLGA replenish the depth. It is obviously not enough to renew the Green. James Ennis attracted a lot of attention from the free market, including the Kings and other teams, and finally Ennis and the Rockets reached a two-year signing agreement, the second year is the player option. Today, in an interview with the media, Ennis also talked about the requirements of coach D'Antoni in the new season.

    Now 28-year-old Ennis, the positioning has always been a "3-D" player, very suitable for the rocket system. The Rockets' starting lineup for the new season has not yet been finalized, because coach D'Antoni has not yet decided whether Carmelo Anthony will start. If Dessler wants Anthony to play to strengthen the depth of the team's second-line lineup, then Ennis will be expected to get a starter. He can get enough performance opportunities when he plays.

    In fact, Ennis is particularly effective against teams like the Golden State Warriors and the Boston Celtics, because their team has great flank and casual players on the outside, and Anthony’s career can’t effectively contain Players like Kevin Durant and LeBron James mean that Ennis will play an important role in the Rockets. However, Ennis said that coach D'Antoni asked him to shoot as many three-pointers as possible in the new season.