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  • The haversack will covering two abnormal Battle-Cars and different antidotal acclimation to Rocket League Keys personalize the added cars of the game.The cars included are from Batman: the 1989 Batmobile credible in the Tim Burton cine and the car of the abounding added beside The Dark Knight Rises .

    As for the accessories for cars,there will be stickers and added elements of Batman,Aquaman,Cyborg,Flash,Green Arrow,Green Lantern,Superman,Commemoration Woman and a DC logo as banderole for the player.

    In accretion to Batman,some of the added accumulation of the Justice League such as Superman,Commemoration Woman or Cyborg will aswell accepting their own abandoned aspects.Green Lantern,Green Arrow,Aquaman or Flash,whose Venom is added evocative of Akira's bike than any attainable car by Jay Warrick or Barry Allen,complete the commemoration of this new Rocket League DLC.