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  • Along with Harvard University, Yale University, Columbia University, Brown University, Dartmouth
    College, Cornell University, University of Pennsylvania - Princeton University is part of the prestigious group of
    8 American universities - the Ivy League.
    The University is surrounded by picturesque places - hiking and cycling trails are close to Carnegie (Lake
    Carnegie) lake, through the forest Herrontaun (Herrontown Woods), Marquand Park (Marquand Park) and
    along the channels of the Delaware and Raritan (Delaware and Raritan Canal).
    In addition to outdoor recreation, students can use the sports facilities and university facilities, including
    tennis and squash courts, an ice rink, a swimming pool, gyms. For creative people have a theater, 3 Orchestra,
    ballet, chamber music, choir, theater. Also on campus - shops, restaurants and cinemas. At Princeton regularly
    hosts art exhibitions, dance and music are the group held seminars known academics and politicians. For those who believe that education is important - top essay writing service offers its academic writing help - just click on link!

    Gradually becoming the campus of Princeton has attracted well-known corporations that have opened
    their offices here: AT & T, Siemens, Sarnoff , Bristol-Myers Squibb, NEC, Gallup Organization.

    Why Princeton University?

    13 place in the ranking of the best universities in the world (QS World University Ranking 2012);
    Faculties of Psychology and stories - some of the best in the country;
    Leading University of America in the number of national awards received by faculty, students and
    alumni of the university;
    Education on the basis of the innovation campus is 500 acres - infrastructure (science laboratories,
    sports centers, libraries, cafes, clubs, theater) - a total of about 180 students' buildings;
    Active social life (more than 200 student clubs, societies and organizations);
    Guaranteed accommodation in comfortable student residences for the entire period of study;
    90% of graduates are employed within six months after graduation.
    The information on the university
     Founded in 1746, Princeton University is the 4th oldest US university;
     Included in the group of 8 prestigious universities "Ivy League";
     In an area of 500 acres situated 180 University buildings;
     The teaching staff consists of 1,152 professionals;
     Every year, the University accepts about 7,500 students: on the bachelor - 5,000 people in the
    Masters - 2,500. 10% of students - foreigners from 98 countries of the world;
     University takes only 10% of all applications.
     The ratio of teacher / student - 1: 6
     98% of undergraduate students live on campus;
     11 university libraries, there are 13 million books;
    The University is located between New York and Philadelphia, in the small town of Princeton, with a
    population of 30,000 people.

    Faculties and specialties

    The University includes 4 faculties - architecture, engineering, applied science, Woodrow Wilson School
    (politics, public administration and international relations).
    Estimated cost of training per year (depending on specialty):
     Education: $ 37,000
     Accommodation: $ 6.596
     Power: $ 5,473
     Additional costs: $ 3,601
     Total: $ 52.670
     Master of
     Education - $ 38.620
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