FIFA 19 Champions League brings improvements on the pitch

  • There is no bigger prize in club football than winning the Champions League, no greater achievement for a player than being crowned European Cup winners with their team. Having added the official licenses for Europe's elite club competitions this year, FIFA 19 makes that dream a reality for gamers around the world, from the instant you load up the game and are greeted with the famous Champions League anthem.

    Available in nigh-on every mode, it masterfully blends both fantasy fulfilment (which Huddersfield fan hasn’t dreamed of hosting Real Madrid?) and reality: the operatic theme, the mildly preposterous arch, a new commentary team in Derek Rae and Lee Dixon. Rounding out FIFA’s colossal-as-ever selection of teams and competitions, it provides a sense of completeness to this grandaddy of football games.

    EA Sports representatives have been fighting fires on social media over the last few days as the FIFA community has reacted in uproar over the multiple ****-ups. EA Sports has since said those who partially completed the Prime Icons SBC 3 when it was removed will have the players they submitted returned to their club. The Prime Icons SBC 3 has also been reinstated, but it now costs more and offers worse rewards, which isn't going down well.

    It is often suggested that the vast amount of money EA Sports throw at the FIFA series ensures it will always remain top of the pile and that has become a self-fulfilling prophecy unlikely to change anytime soon. Buy cheap fifa 19 account from,we promise 100% safety and fast delivery. It’s not just that PES has been found wanting when it comes to new modes, it also delivered a product this year with an as yet unfixed deeply problematic bug in the artificial intelligence, rendering offline play tedious and predictable.

    If EA has used something, it is realism. How the ball rolls, how you can still conquer a free ball, how defenders step on physical strength, it all feels a lot more realistic. And that is perhaps the biggest change in the real gameplay of FIFA 19: speed is passé. The time that you could just set up three arrow-fast attackers that passed everything and everyone was done. And good too. It is an example of how EA has listened to their fans clearly, because that overpowered speed has annoyed many FIFA players.

    Aside from gameplay, FIFA 19 does have some other changes which made headlines in recent months, particularly the new House Rules mode for Kick Off. The passing system suggests EA wants fewer breakneck, end-to-end games which veer from one box to another with a single through-ball. Instead it forces you to consider every move, every possession, to keep an eye on all areas of movement, spread the ball quickly and choose your opportunity to shoot or play that crucial through-ball wisely. Keep your eyes on our site Mmocs for the most timely news and guide for FIFA 19.