NBA 2K19 looks so lifelike in the thick of the action

  • NBA 2K19 is still a beast, but it's the same beast, coming with the polish and attention to detail expected of the franchise, but lacking new flavors to the core gameplay experience. Hardcore loyalists will pay attention to the difference in tuning between this version and last year's – always an annual point of debate. But for casuals who have already played out previous versions, don't expect something radical.

    One of the core reasons why "The Way Back" succeeds is because the graphical power of NBA 2K19 is insane. This is a gorgeous looking game. As disgusting as it might sound, every sweat drop on a player's brow is a thing of beauty. NBA 2K19 looks so lifelike, especially in the thick of the action, that it's easy to forget you're playing a video game. The players are animated to perfection, moving their faces and bodies just like their real-life counterparts. That fluidity translates rather naturally to gameplay as well since NBA 2K19 controls like a dream as players run up and down the court.

    There’s absolutely no mistaking the immense amount of effort that goes into making NBA 2K19’s basketball gameplay shine. The development team at Visual Concepts has once again done a stellar job making the league’s biggest stars look and play just like they do on a live broadcast. A few missing tattoos or incorrect hairstyles aside, each of the athletes has their own animations, skill sets and stats that determine how they perform in specific situations. Steph Curry will be most inclined to hit a three-pointer even when confronted by elite defenders, and Anthony Davis will be there to throw up a solid block when you need him. Best and Cheapest NBA 2K19 MT For Sale -

    A year ago, the team at 2K Sports worked hard to refine common complaint areas. Fast breaks and rebounding received plenty of love and, to their credit, it feels even smoother this time out. Players continue to realistically travel in the proper lanes before funneling out to the wings on a break, and rebounding feels more timing-based and makes sense regarding who is going up for what.

    The other new option, Story mode, will let you replay the most classic NBA match-ups while unlocking players and rewards for beating various in-game challenges. Challenge mode, on the other hand, lets you use the players you’ve unlocked in Story mode to form a five-man team that will compete against randomly generated squads for points totaled in the global leaderboards. Like multiplayer, these new modes will only extend our playtime and add to the game’s replayability and sticking value.

    Another improvement we really like is that we can finally skip the cutscenes in MyCareer. Even though we liked this year's story and the way it's portrayed, we know a lot will want to keep things moving so skipping scenes and getting right back on court is definitely a handy feature. Loading times are quicker too, certainly on the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X we’re using. We’ll always want them to be even quicker, but any improvement is a major plus for console gamers.