Valkyrie is known for long ranged weapons in For Honor

  • For Honor Valkyrie Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about playing as Valkyrie, playing against Valkyrie, and tips to win.Valkyrie in For Honor is known for long ranged weapons, devastating combos, and remarkable adaptability. With proper knowledge of timing and spacing, you should easily be able to handle all the foes in the game.However, the hero is tough to master with low damage output and HP pool. The hero does have some good long ranged poke, chase potential, CC, and a gap closer.

    Her Pouncing Thrust and Hunter Strike abilities are basically dashes followed by a light attack. Those allow you to easily surprise the enemy, as the attacks are extremely quick and the initial hit starts a new chain of attacks. Even her defensive ability, Dodge Counter, can be used offensively - if the enemy's attack gets blocked by it, you will be able to unleash a heavy attack called Shoulder Pin, dealing good damage and applying bleed effect to the foe.

    Unfortunately, Valkyrie has multiple flaws. The first one is her stamina. Her individual attacks won't drain the stamina bar of the character, but she has to use multiple strikes to deal even a small amount of damage to the enemy. Her Full Block Stance consumes a tremendous amount of it - 3 enemy hits will deplete the stamina bar and force you out of the stance. Her damage is also a problem, as at the moment she is without a doubt a character dealing the lowest damage of all of the available ones - hitting a full chain on an enemy will drain half of her stamina and won't even take 1/3 of the enemy health. Come to now, you can Buy For Honor Steel Credits with fast delivery and 100% safety.

    If you successfully auto-block with the Dodge Counter, follow with an immediate Heavy Attack to initiate a Shoulder Pin. It's important to press Heavy Attack as soon as you see the deflect animation of the Dodge Counter. When successful, the Shoulder Pin causes a bleeding effect that will slowly drain the life of your opponent for a short time. This can be blocked, but it happens so fast that you will rarely see an opponent block the Shoulder Pin. The significant damage of the attack, plus the bleeding effect make this one of the Valkyrie’s most important tactics.

    Another defensive ability for the Valkyrie is the Shield Tackle. Press Down on the Left Analog Stick together with the Dodge button (X on the PS4, A on the Xbox One), then hold the guard break button (Square on PS4, X on Xbox One). When you release the guard break button the Valkyrie will charge forward with her shield. While holding guard break and during the forward movement of the Shield Charge, Valkyrie will automatically guard against all blockable attacks (not guard breaks).

    For Honor is a deep game that will take months for players to master. We’re still in the very early stages of competitive play, and future patches will surely rearrange the playing field as time goes on. However, it’s safe to say that Valkyrie is a potent choice of character for anybody skilful enough to wield her spear and shields.