The game Saint Seiya: Cosmo Fantasy is available in Europe

  • The Saint Seiya: Cosmo Fantasy is available in Europe

    Saint Seiya Cosmo Fantasy, released in Japan last year under the name Saint Seiya: Zodiac Brave, is now available for download on iOS and Android. This is what Bandai Namco Entertainment said, which in its release, said this was a free game to repeat the story of the original series. Called Action-RPG, Saint Seiya Cosmo Fantasy gives you the fate of a team of five knights, knowing that game players include gold, silver and bronze knights, and even black knights.

    Players can modify their knights using character development features, and even enhance them before major clashes by assigning them special techniques and items. "The Saint Seiya series has captivated fans for decades. Saint Seiya Cosmo Fantasy is a title that fits their expectations, with a charming storyline, rich and detailed graphics and a distinctive style of animation," said Kensuke Sakai, producer at Bandai Namco. By the way, you can buy cheap Saint Seiya Holy Stones from, where you can enjoy a 3% discount by using the code “ MMOCSVIP ”.

    To celebrate the release of the global game, all players connected to Saint Seiya Cosmo Fantasy on iOS and Android will get the character "Aiolia in the Golden Armor Lion (three stars)". In addition, they will receive 10,000 Free Holy Stones for the Zodiac Festival to challenge 10 prayers in the game and efforts to win the Seiya golden armor.

    "Players can change their knights using character development functions, and even improve them by specifying specific techniques and objects," we said. Naturally, attacks are triggered by beats or slips on the screen, and one promises a "story" mode from the Sanctuary arc to Hades, through the generals of Poseidon. Finally, estimate the presence of large micro transactions. Because this is a sensitive subject now, we prefer to warn you.