Yugioh Duel Evolution makes use of a completely fresh rule set

  • duel evolution makes use of a completely fresh rule set. Duels are designed to last for just a few minutes, due to the mobile nature of the game. The number of monster and trap/magic cards you can put on the field are reduced to just three, as opposed to the standard five. Additionally, Life Points are reduced to 4,000 and deck sizes are halved to 20-30 cards, instead of the regular 40-60. Also, there is no Main Phase 2, which means that you can't play any cards after the Battle Phase.

    yugioh duel evolution

    The event itself begins today and will run until December 19 so players have a limited time only if they want to unlock these two rare things.

    The current series fans are enjoying is Arc-V, which tells the story of Yuya Sakaki, whose dream is to follow in his father’s footsteps and become the greatest ‘duel-tainer’ in history. This looks closer to becoming a reality when he discovers Pendulum Summoning, a never-before-seen technique that allows him to summon lots of monsters at once. However, when countless rivals emerge to steal his spotlight, Yuya needs to step up his game, as the world of duelling has evolved into one filled with non-stop action.

    yugioh duel evolution

    These changes help the game go quicker for mobile users, which is likely what Instantfuns had in mind. Under normal rules, duels can get pretty lengthy, just look at the anime for example. However with these changes, a duel usually doesn’t go any longer than 10 minutes which helps this become a very user-friendly game. One thing about this game is that it features voice acting from the cast of the anime so you’ll be hearing several familiar voices.
    A Special yugioh online Was Based Off A Dragon Ball Z Hero
    Since the PC version is playable on a bigger screen compared to the existing smartphone version, one of its appeals is the ability to greater enjoy card effects and the intensity of the monsters. Additionally, the PC version can share data with the smartphone version, allowing you to play on PC when you’re at home, and on your smartphone when you’re on the go.

    After this lengthy process, you are asked for your level of experience in Yu-Gi-Oh! related matters. This won’t change the yugioh game’s difficulty or anything, it is just there for the developer to have more information about its players.

    Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Evolution

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