Path Of Exile Revealed Ascendancy Classes

  • Grinding Gear Games has announced an update for the Path of Exile, which will allow to catch beasts and use revealed Ascendancy classes. The captured creatures are stored in the menagerie, and a description of each of them can be found in the book "Bestiary". It will also include your hunting success. Beasts will become part of ritual ceremonies: if they are sacrificed on the Altar of Blood, you can open the portal to the possession of spirits or get a valuable and rare item. The update will be released on March 2.


    Here we'll show you revealed Ascendancy classes released so far.


    The Hierophant

    The Guardian

    The Assassin

    The Pathfinder

    The Champion

    The Raider

    The Chieftain

    The Berserker

    The Elementalist

    The Deadeye

    The Slayer

    The Occultist

    The Trickster

    The Necromancer

    The Gladiator

    The Saboteur

    The Inquisitor